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The Whole Picture

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Balancing Studio Strobes with Candle Light

Mark Jenkins

Photographer:  Robert Tran for Jessica Elizabeth Photographers  /  Website  /  Blog  /  Facebook  /  Instagram  /  Twitter  /  Pinterest  

For the tone I was looking for I needed the lighting to be dramatic so I chose to use a 500ws strobe with an octabox for nice soft light that would wrap around the couple. I didn’t want the table to be overly distracting so I aimed the strobe carefully to not spill too much on the table, and I matched my exposure to allow the candlelight to fill in instead of using a fill light.  The results came out great! The light created  a soft spotlight around the couple that also bounced off the curtains to subtly backlight them. 

Octabank softbox
500ws Gemini Strobe by Bowens with Radio Triggering System
Nikon D3s with Nikor 85mm f/1.4 shot at 1/25sec f5.6 ISO 200

Lighting setup:
Key light is located 45 degrees camera left. and rotated for desired feathering.

To see more great images from this shoot which was published in the 2015 Ceremony Magazine, check out Jessica Elizabeth Photographers Blog