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You don't have to be a PRO photographer to rent PRO gear at PROtog rentals. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service & advice. We rent cameras, lenses, lighting, video equipment as well as many photography accessories. 

The Whole Picture

Corporate Headshots

Mark Jenkins

Complete headshot kit available for rent now at PROtog Rentals.

This weekend Fuel Medical Group is holding their "Fuel Your Future" symposium at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach.  One of the services that they will be offering at this event is a headshot for each of the attendees.  This photo can be used to update their websites, profile pictures, or to be used on brochures.  PROtog Rentals was not only able to provide a complete 3-point lighting and background package for this event, but also delivered it and set it all up so it would be ready for the photographer when he arrived.  This Kit can be rented for $150 per day and includes: a 750 watt key light with a medium Chimera softbox, a 750 watt fill light with an umbrella and umbrella reflector,  a 750 watt rim light with a 7" grid with a 30 degree grid attached, a background stand with a roll of seamless paper, and sand bags.  Each strobe is controlled by a PocketWizard radio card.  One PocketWizard transmitter for the camera is also included.  The Sekonic light meter with this kit even has a PocketWizard transmitter.  An infrared remote control can be used to control the light output of the rim light without having to lower the light to make power adjustments.  You may also choose to add a full frame DSLR camera with an 85mm portrait lens and a heavy duty carbon fiber tripod for an additional $200.  At PROtog rentals, we understand that every shoot is different with various challenges.  We would love to help make your client look good, so you look good.  Just give us a call, we're here to help.