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You don't have to be a PRO photographer to rent PRO gear at PROtog rentals. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service & advice. We rent cameras, lenses, lighting, video equipment as well as many photography accessories. 

Sensor Cleaning

Are you seeing the same spot, in the same place, in every photo? Then it's time to get your sensor cleaned. Even though most new DSLRs have an ultrasonic automatic dust cleaning system built into them, dust happens. Even if you're very careful and rarely change lenses, dust happens. Most manufacturers recommend that you have your camera serviced annually, while some people have their sensor cleaned before every important shoot. Even if you don't see the dust, and it has been over a year, the chances are, the unseen dust may end up on one of your important images. Over the years, we have developed a very effective way to remove the annoying dust from inside your camera completely, rather than just moving it from one place to another. We feel so strongly about keeping our own cameras clean, that we inspect each camera, and clean it if needed before each and every rental.  We don't only clean your sensor.  We provide a complete external cleaning of your camera, and also clean the card slots, view finder, LCD screen, hot shoe and lens mount contacts.  For the best results at your next shoot, contact us to set up an appointment.