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The Whole Picture

Helmet & UV Filter, Safety First.

Mark Jenkins

I shot this for Icon Motorsports, a clothing manufacturer that makes the riding apparel for the extreme rider with safety in mind.  The professional rider is Icon Sponsored stunt man, Jason Britton. 

Photographer:  Eric Hameister  /  /  (562) 331-1026

Lens used:  Canon 16-35mm f2.8LII   lens was zoomed in at 19mm

Exposure:  Shutter 1/60, Aperture f5.6, ISO 100.

For this type of shot, I was harnessed into a camera car.  Yes!  With an open face helmet (I have kids) and a UV filter (to protect the lens I rented from PROtog Rentals from flying debris).  Using this Canon lens allows me to hang out of the van and have the rider get up close and personal.  Hey Kids, don't try this at home.  Jason and I are what you call Professionals.  We have highway patrol officers as escorts and have all safety measures in play.  Having said that, Jason can pretty much wheelie / skid / jump / nose wheelie / burn out etc.... upon my command, with hand gestures.  I feel this shot worked out great.  It is one of my favorite Jason Britton action shots.  We shot many captures obviously.  A few passes over the 6th street bridge in Los Angeles.  Some of the captures were more of a profile angle to the bike and rider.  The client and I felt that this one more from the rear, really captured the aggressive nature we were after.  The Canon 16-35mm f2.8LII series lens is one of my favorite go-to lenses.  Mounted on a Canon 1D X or Mark 5D Mark III is a great match for this type of car to bike action.