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You don't have to be a PRO photographer to rent PRO gear at PROtog rentals. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service & advice. We rent cameras, lenses, lighting, video equipment as well as many photography accessories. 

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What's New?

We always have our eyes on the next latest and greatest "thing." If you don't see what you're looking for, ask us, we just may have it.  We have affiliates that we work closely with that have different inventory than we do, so if given some advanced notice, chances are, we can find all that you need in one location.

We are also looking for ideas from you, so let us know, and stay connected with our social media for the most recent announcements.




Portable Power 

2000 watt inverted power generators are now available. Designed for clean electricity for sensitive electronics like computers, cameras, video gear, lighting, these gasoline powered generators are perfect for location shoots.  If you need more power, two can be connected together in parallel.

$50 / day (or weekend)

Cinema Monopod

Solid, flexible, and portable support for both still and video shooters.  This Benro monopod with fluid head gives near tripod stability, with the added convenience of being able to quickly move from one uneven location to another and leveling your shot in a flash.  The 3 leg folding base has a heavy duty pan cartridge that provides smooth tilting or dolly shots on the fly.  

$20 / day (or weekend)